"For now, I drift"

I decided to travel without any explicit reasons. I just knew that I had to get a way for a while – that if I didn’t do this, I might end up rewriting every pain I have for us into a beautiful story I will surely fight for, again – unapologetically. Maybe this is me […]

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It was a flash- captured you in an instantA blow of light hit bluntly, but you screamed and rantA song you used to sing but is now a curse you cannot utter a wordLike the tune of your favorite melody where sounds has broken its chord You whisper how this became a hobby and getting […]

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It takes a lifetime of energyto resent someone; cursing themdaily, you let them track dirtback and forth from memorieslike muddy stones.You know now that your headmust be full of rocksto still allow him inside. Forgiveness is a fickle thing.Don’t let it intimidate you,for once it can be granted,it only must be granted once.Rocks turn to […]

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